School subjects

In Finnish school system there are not more important subjects and less important subjects. All children learn the same subjects and education is free for everyone. There are no school fees. All schools have free transportation for students who live further away from the school.


All teachers have studied at the university to became teachers. They have done pedagogical studies at the university. Teaching is no longer happen inside four walls in the classroom, classes can study all over the building. Learning goals are defined in the curriculum but teachers can also decide themselves what should be taught. Teachers can also decide what methods they use.

School meals

Finnish children get a free meal at school every day. This meal is very healthy and nutritious.

School health care

There is a school nurse in every school. Also a school doctor visits  the school regularly. Every school also has a school´s own social worker who helps students with many things. In Finnish schools a great deal of attention is paid to individual support for puplis´s learning and wellbeing.

Student guidance

In Finland the main aim of all guidance and councelling is to help students to make better educational choices at school and help them with their studies. There are professional school advisors (guidance and councellors) in every school.

School safety

Schools are usually very safe in Finland. There is no violence at schools. Every school has rules of order.

Pupils must always attend school during school days.

He/she must do all the assignments assigned by the teacher at school and at home.He/she must behave well. He/she must obey school rules and guidelines.


Evaluation at the school is continuous, guiding and supportive. There are tests, but grades are not based on these tests alone. Evaluation grades are 4-10. Number 10 is the best grade. 

School year

School year starts in August and ends in the beginning of June. There is no school in the summer.

Summer holiday lasts approximately 10 weeks. During the school year the school has an autumn break (2-5 days), Christmas break (approximately 2 weeks) and winter break (one week). In addition, the school year has some holidays when we do not have school.

Students union

The students are represented by the board of students’ union which consists of chairmen for each class (LuPu). The  members of the board are chosen through an election each autumn. Students’ union board makes it possible for students to be heard and influence decision making. The students who are chosen for students’ union board are also the chairmen for their classes.

Pediod of working experience

Students at the Finnish school have a working experience system. 7th graders will work for two days at the school canteen. 8th graders will work one school day as cleaners. 8th graders will also get acquainted with their parent’s working place for two days. 9th graders will take part in a two week period of working experience. Students will find the working places on their own.

Special education

All pupils get support in their studies if they need it. Schools provide special needs education if pupil cannot be taught in a regular teaching group. There are special education teachers and groups in every school.