Sammonlahti area’s population is the most international in Lappeenranta. The area has many people who belongs to skinnarila science community or has an immigrant background. Many students are also in the area. Sammonlahti area is by its population the most growing area by year 2030. By the year of 2030 the population of the region is anticipated to grow by 2800 resident. (In 2013 with 14 999 residents and in 2030 with 17 380 residents.) Internationally awarded Green Campus is also in the west of Lappeenranta.

The map of Lappeenranta:

Lappeenranta The university of Technology:


Sammonlahti school is in a strong changing phase in the next 10 years. Reason behind this change is a new network reform which will be executed in the next few years. The reform covers early childhood education, basic education, physical education service, youth service, culture service and health services.

Sammonlahti school is in an essential part of executing a new network reform. In the  current school’s area will be builded build a new Sammontalo by year 2023. It contains daycare-, basic education-, physical education-, youth-, culture- and maternity clinic services. 1000 primary school students will study in new Sammontalo in grade levels 1. -9.


Sammonlahti school is located in the western region of Lappeenranta, and it is a school of basic education. The school has 4 offices and about 850 students and 70 teachers work there. In the upper primary, there are special classes that offer more teaching in different subjects, such as natural science and math (LUMA-class), english, physical education and arts and crafts. The school organizes preparing regarding basic education and finnish as a second language-class for students with foreign backgrounds.

Sammonlahti upper primary school in winter

Sammonlahti school is Finland’s longest primary school certified as a school of sustainable development. The school has been granted a Green Flag and a sustainable development environment certificate for meritorious international environment work. Sammonlahti school belongs in the Administration of Teachings development school network and is a Saimaa College partner school.