Sammonlahti school


the school year 2019 – 2020 in upper comprehensive school:

Contact information

Address:         Saunakivenkatu 12, 53850 Lappeenranta

Principal:        Vesa Raasumaa +358 40 513 2840

School secretary:    Katri Pulli +358 40 198 6551

Teachers:        +358 40 1309 137

Assistant principal:    Juha Hämäläinen +358 40 848 1272

Vice principal:        Juho Laitinen +358 40 354 1610



Student counsellors

Terhi Heinonen         +358 40 353 9941

Juho Laitinen            +358 40 354 1610


Special education

Iikka Voutilainen        +358 40 3566 580

Sanna Honka             +358 40 130 9136

Marika Kylliäinen        + 358 40 183 7659

Maija Vilkko            +358 400 398 695


School nurse           

Irene Asikainen    +358 40 146 3360

School social worker

Marjut Litmala     +358 40 4849207

School youth worker

Lauri Jääskeläinen    +358 400 154 595



Caretaker:            Tarmo Pulliainen

Cleaners and canteen staff:    +358 40 483 6018

School assistants:        Maria Sipari, Tanja Hytti

Sports hall:            +358 40 158 0520


Procedures of the school

Wilma (online study system, works as a means of communication between the teachers and the parents. Any possible permissions for absence must be applied through Wilma. Homeroom teachers can license absence for 1-5 days. The principal licenses absence for more than 5 days. Wilma also contains information notes about the school, time tables, grades for tests, control and clearance for absence from school.

School website can be found on The site contains a lot of information about the school and contact information for teachers. School events are up-to-date in the online calendar.


Other activities at school

Action break

The school has an action break each day at. 12 – 12.25 pm. During this time the students can do sports at the sports hall or join other activities at school.

Peer counselling

Our school has a group of students who form a peer counselling team. Peer counsellors are students who have applied for the position with an application. The main goal for peer counselling is make the formation of friendships between students easier and creating positive school spirit.


Students’ union

The students are represented by the board of students’ union which consists of chairmen for each class (LuPu). The  members of the board are chosen through an election each autumn. Students’ union board makes it possible for students to be heard and influence decision making. The students who are chosen for students’ union board are also the chairmen for their classes.