Two-year lasting two hours per week optional courses
are picked for 8th and 9th grades
Evaluation in all courses is numeral (4-10).


Visual arts, 2h / week

We continue improving our knowledge and skills by drawing, painting and shaping. Having some deeper look at graphics techniques (silk screen, lino) and building with different materials. During the course we are learning also communication (TV, photography, movie) and planning the environment.




Home economics, 2h / week

8th grade

Basic cooking and baking;

Themes: Finnish traditional food and local food, seasonal events, preservation, food knowledge and special diets.

9th grade

Basic cooking and baking;

Themes: international gastronomy, seasonal events, preservation, economy and housekeeping.


Technical work, 2h / week

We are doing products based on pupil’s own plans or ready-made plans made by professional. Working is project-oriented.

We are having a deeper look at basic working styles, and we also apply them.

materials: wood, metal, plastic, basic components of electronics joints, surface finishing, etc. maintenance of machines and apparatus recycling ram back to product. Learning technical drawing (also 3D-modeling with computer if there is a need for it). Exploring Finnish craft tradition.

Technical work, 4h / week

Same as the previous one, but with larger totality. Emphasizing the part of own planning during the larger course.



Handicraft, 2h / week

Knitting by hand and machine and crocheting clothes for yourself or for a baby. Sewing from flexible material using sewing machine or overlocker. Producing party costume for yourself by versatile techniques.

Weaving by loom, producing home decoration textiles by writing and sewing.



Music, 2h / week

Training readiness to work in group at different musical projects. Singing, playing instruments (for example working as a band) and own recordings producing and improving.



Physical education, girls and boys (both have own groups), 2h / week

Improving physical side with versatile techniques and sports. Target is to improve skills at different sports and techniques. Including: ball games, basic exercise, gymnastics, gym working, music- and rhythm exercise, acrobatics




Languages: 2h / week

Language starts at 8th grade





During the courses we learn to use the chosen language diversely, writing and speaking.

During the courses we take a deeper look also at cultures and geography based on the chosen language and we learn to control the basic structure of the language.


Agriculture, forestry and gardening, 2h / week

Topics are domestic animals, taking care of vegetable garden based on natural techniques, composting, garden- and indoor plants and we are also taking a deeper look at the basics of forestry. Growing flowers and herbs, sprouting, producing wreath using natural materials. Excursions for example at farm and gardens.

Nature hiking course, 2 / week

Course is based on nature hikings to national parks nearby at the beginning of September and one-day lasting spring trips to nature sights nearby. During the course we are learning how to prepare for the trip, basic skills what we need during the trip, respecting the nature and enjoying of it. We have tent accommodation during the trips and eating is a kit dining. Course doesn’t include lessons which would be in school timetable, but all the preparations for trips are made during the school day. Course is accomplished at two weekends and it’s partially paid (eating costs).



Information tehcnology, 2h / week

In all IT-courses we are trying to use free softwares, which means that the doing isn’t combined only for school computers. Together we are finding out what we can do on the internet and how we could apply it in our own projects. It’s also possible to choose one hour per week, if you want so (includes 8th and 9th grades).

8th grade: Basic skills of IT, computer’s structure, word processing, presentation graphics, photo editing, cryptography, spreadsheet computation and programming (Scratch, Lego Mindstorm).

During the course we are looking at some basic things, structure of the computer and components, and also having a deeper look at different operating systems. We are training some basic skills with office softwares and other utility softwares based on the internet. Part of the performance is as a Khan Academy’s web courses, which also improves pupil’s English skills. Programming is included through the course in a little pieces, which means that it’s present all the time.

9th grade: Programming (JavaScript, Scratch/App Inventor), games, databases, creating own websites (HTML 5) and graphic design.

During the course we are improving the programming skills. Applying the JavaScript as a part of the homesites and spreadsheet computation software. Part of the performance is as a Khan Academy’s web courses, which also improves pupil’s English skills. Creating websites, where we apply diversely different softwares at creating graphics.

Also training animating and 3D-modeling.


Media-education course for all grade pupils, one-year lasting, 0,5h / week


Media-education course, 0,5h / week

Visual arts

media pictures – weekday pictures

self-image and social media

comics as a communication system

Information Technology

getting touch with media softwares (sound and photo)

photo editing