Student must participate in basic education unless he/she has been granted a temporary exemption. Student must execute her/his duty scrupulously and behave with propriety.

General instructions

  1. Students must obey instructions which are given by every adult who is working in school.
  2. Cigarettes and intoxicants are forbidden during school hours and in school events.
  3. Filming and recording during school hours are forbidden without teacher’s or principal’s permission.
  4. Bringing juice cans, sodas and energy drinks to the school is forbidden.


  1. We obey good manners in school and on the way to school.
  2. We come to class in time with necessary equipment.
  3. Everyone takes care of her/his own part of maintaining peace of working.
  4. We won’t bully or support bullying. If we notice bullying, we will tell about it to the staff.

Break between classes

  1. We spend the breaks in school area and we can only exit with teacher’s permission.
  2. If we can spend the breaks inside, we will stay in our own lounge.
  3. We understand that stairs and foyers must be clear for free passage.
  4. We won’t sit in upper hallways.


  1. We leave our outdoor clothes, bicycles, mopeds and physical education equipments to the reserved areas.
  2. We keep cellular phones and players in silent or closed during the lecture.
  3. We bring belongings and money which are found from the school district to the janitor or to the principal’s office
  4. Everyone of us is responsible for his/her own part of the school property. Damage is reported to the school’s staff. Everyone will pay for deliberately caused damage.