Special programme classes

LUMA-class (environmental and mathematical studies)

The class is dedicated to mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography and biology. During the LUMA-studies the class does experimental investigations and goes to field trips.





Physical education focused class

The class has four hours of physical education in a week (instead of two hours) for three years. On the classes you are getting to know many new physical activities.





Arts and crafts focused class

The class gives an opportunity to express themselves in a creative way in eigth and ninth school classess. The student chooses at least four hours per week from different optional courses (not including physical education). Optional courses are: arts, music, crafts and home economics.






English focused class

The student has privilege to learn English in a group, where all the students are equally interested in learning English. The class has two more lessons of English in a week in eighth and ninth school grades than compered to a normal class.