In our school, we have a web service called Wilma. You can find it here:


Before you can use it, you need a username and a password in order to access Wilma. You will get these from the school.
The school also gives you the Wilma log in address.

Wilma functions:

When you log into Wilma, you can see the main page.
There you can find unread messages and notifications about upcoming events.
You can use the Messages-function to send messages to teachers and school staff within Wilma.
You can see your schedule also there.
List of all the things you can see in Wilma:

-Schedule (also can see classrooms there)
-Grades and credits
-Lesson notes
-Teachers and other staff
-Annual planning

Google Classroom




We have also a website called Classroom. Like with Wilma, you need account for that. Classroom uses a Google accounts. You get your own e-mail from school ending “@lappee.fi”. That email has your own name, like this: First name . last name @lappee.fi

When you get into Classroom, you see different school subjects. First you need to join these with a code that teachers tell you.
When you get the code, you are ready to study.
When you click a subject for example maths, you can see homework and exercises that the teacher has sent you.




Here you will find information about Peda.net service and its structure, registration, user status and its capabilities, as well as instructions and guidance on the use of the service as commonly as for individual tools. On the Teacher page you will find instructions and tutorials for school work.


Enter your email address in the box that opens on the page. A parents e-mail address may be entered below the age of 15 if the student does not have an e-mail.

        Tap the Submit Registration button.

        Open your email / ask your custodian to open the message:         Registration email. Follow the instructions in the message and act accordingly.


Once the ID has been successfully activated, tap My Info & Settings, and enter your last name and First Name in the fields that are for them.

Once created, you can combine your Peda.net account with your Windows Live ID, Google or Facebook ID. You can do this under My Data & Settings> External Authentication Services> Edit.

Peda.net is a learner-oriented e-learning environment and a pedagogically designed service that provides schools, communities, and organizations with the opportunity to collaborate and share content.